Looking for a Place in South Charlotte

I was pretty happy with my old place, it was a tiny little house out in the country. At least it is what passes for the country around here. The place is tiny, but I was living alone and it did not cost very much. In fact it was a fraction of what you pay for a one bedroom south Charlotte NC apartments. There was a farmer next door with a three and a half acre lake, he would let me hike through the woods and fish as much as I liked. Now I have to find an apartment however, on the other side of the city. I have a much better job now and it is way beyond the other side of the city. If I had my choice I would like it if I could find another little house like this. In fact the only issue I have here is that you can not get to the grocery store very quickly. However I simply try to figure out what I need and buy it on my way back from work.

Of course there are not many bars or pizza places either, but I can live without that. I never drink and drive, instead if I decide to get a few beers I will call up Uber and use it instead. I rarely go out and drink, not since I was in college, so it is not so big of a deal. Obviously if I lived within walking distance of a bar, then that might be a bit different. I do drink a few beers after I get home from work and it does not matter too much where I am when I do that. I would like it if there was a place near me to listen to live music however.