Life is Getting Better After Years of Hard Work

Moving has always been very exciting for me. This past week, I have been taking my time looking at luxury apartments for Manassas VA because this is where I will be moving on the first of this next month. I’m quite lucky that I have worked hard to earn the money to live a nice life. I was also lucky enough to inherit quite a bit of money as well. Life has not always been so easy for me, but I have made sure to never give up and life is much better now than it was just 20 years ago.

Twenty years may seem like a long time and not a big deal, but it is. I lost all members of my immediate family when I was just 20 years old to a horrific car accident. I had a wonderful family. I had two siblings, and of course, my parents, and my grandparents. One night they were all driving to a restaurant together. (more…)

Looking for a Place in South Charlotte

I was pretty happy with my old place, it was a tiny little house out in the country. At least it is what passes for the country around here. The place is tiny, but I was living alone and it did not cost very much. In fact it was a fraction of what you pay for a one bedroom south Charlotte NC apartments. There was a farmer next door with a three and a half acre lake, he would let me hike through the woods and fish as much as I liked. Now I have to find an apartment however, on the other side of the city. (more…)